You can apply to us for translations of your texts from or into Russian.

To guarantee the quality all the texts are translated by native speakers and the translation control is carried out by second translator. Thus the reader has the feeling that the text is written in his native language.

Our translation bureau works efficiently and qualitatively due to the following factors:

- we have our own network of professional translators - native speakers

- our translators possess accurate information and knowledge of language characteristics

The translators who work in our translation bureau are efficient Russian-speaking translators possessing great experience in their sphere, with a good linguistic intuition in different language areas.

We offer translations at an attractive price. In order to avoid unexpected situations we count up the quantity of words in the original.

Cost Estimates

Core Concept: clarity

Our cost estimates are based on the number of words in the original language. But pay attention: the minimum tariff for the first document amounts to 40 Euro.

If you already know the amount of words in the original text, it is a simple calculation (cost multiplied by number of words). Loyal customers will obtain a discount on larger assignments.

For certified translations and interpretation on location or the translation of specialized texts, extra costs may apply.

Prices and conditions are decided before the work begins and no extra fee is added at the end.

You can always contact us for a free cost estimate.

Other price information:

Translation agency RUSLAND Beril offers translation work at different price ranges, depending on the aim of your translation and your wishes.

Did you receive a letter or email in Russian and you want to know what is basically said?

Therefore the aim is to gain information; the contents of the text are more important than the style and the layout. In this case the translation will be done by a mother language translator without that many error checks and rewrites. Thus the text can be translated rapidly and at a low cost.

Do you need correspondence business, legal, financial or commercial documents, contracts, technical product specifications, or a machine guide (and so forth) in an elegant or neat layout?

These are the translations that must have the most accuracy and a natural, flowing style. Translations are done by a qualified native translator. And if necessary, extra investigation or research is conducted. The translated text is proofread by another native translator or specialist and is created in the correct layout, the details of which, or the layout itself being provided by you.